We specialize in adult humor fashion apparel and signage. We provide original high end art designs on clothing and decals. We also offer logo design and branding consulting. We will be offering a wide range of services in the next 12 months but our focus for now is apparel and automotive decals that are adult themed.



Most Wanted designs started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Of course back then we would have never imagined it. Paul and I met in an online gaming community. At first our relationship was built on the fact that we were very skilled players and ranked itop 100 in the world. We were masters of our gaming craft if you will. Paul being from Poland struggled with English so communication at first was difficult. After many thousands of hours of game chat we developed our own Polenglish language. I discovered Paul was a masterful artist and was starting to play around with web design. Over the years Paul was very patient in teaching me the ways of PHP and computer hardware. We started making mods for the Quake 3 engine and had a bunch of fun doing it.

Of course years went by and we both started families. We grew apart over time until an old friend reunited us. I have always been in Sales and telecom my whole life. My skill set for building rapport with people and forging lasting business relationships has been one of my greats assist in life. It is how I have put food on the table for my family over the years. It has opened doors that would have otherwise been left closed. One day I was lying in bed and had this idea of being my own boss. I started going through all my contacts in my head and what they could bring to the table. I wanted to do something creative and my mind kept going back to Paul and his amazing art talents. I started to see the tiger mechs from Voltron assemble in my head. If we combined our strengths we would be unstoppable.A few days later we started working on our vision.

What we lack in liquid capital we make up for in sheer creativity and an unwavering sense of industry. There is always a solution to any problem, you just have to find it. So here we are today, looking to our peers for support. Looking to our friends for more and more ideas. When we were a team in gaming we were known as X-Factor. We were unpredictable, just when you thought the equation was solved every variable of our game changed in an instant. Adaptation is the key to life and in business. We may have come from a place where only a hand full of geeks and nerds knew us, but now we are going to be known by all. Because we are  Most Wanted!